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  • Bolster your smile confidence
  • Replace missing teeth
  • Eradicate bite pressure and temperature sensitivity
  • Restore chewing function
  • Avoid issues with adjacent teeth shifting.
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Dental Crown & Bridge From Your Dentist in Vernon

An option for patients with one or more missing teeth, dental crowns and bridges fill the space a missing tooth leaves behind, restoring function and aesthetics to your smile. At Dr. Elwood Astleford Inc. in Vernon, we know these restorative options can be an effective way for many patients to beneficially impact their oral health!

What is a dental crown?

Made with porcelain or ceramic materials that closely match the natural shade of your teeth, dental crowns “cap” and strengthen a damaged tooth. When used in a crown and bridge treatment, they are placed on surrounding adjacent teeth, acting as an anchor to ensure that the bridge stays in place. They are also used on top of a dental implant to recreate the look and function of a natural tooth. 

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a prosthetic device that fills areas where one or more teeth are missing. Along with their aesthetic benefits, bridges prevent surrounding teeth from shifting or rotating, which can lead to patients developing a bad bite, along with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders and gum disease.

Bridges include a prosthetic replacement tooth that fills the gap left by an extracted tooth, and are anchored to crown-covered natural teeth or dental implants on one or both sides of the space.

How long does a crown & bridge last?

With diligent at-home care and regular cleanings and exams in our office, they have the potential to last for many years!

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