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  • Enhance your smile confidence
  • Close unwanted gaps between teeth
  • Treat minor stains and chips
  • Strengthen teeth that are experiencing decay
  • Protect roots exposed by gum recession.
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Dental Bonding From Your Dentist in Vernon

When your teeth are experiencing minor stains, cracks, chips, or are simply in need of repair, dental bonding may provide a viable solution. Using plastic, tooth-coloured, durable resin material, bonding can affordably and efficiently rejuvenate smile aesthetics for a variety of patients.

What does the dental bonding process entail? 

Having one or more teeth bonded is generally a simple and fast process since freezing is only necessary in three instances: when filling a cavity; when the area to be bonded is near a nerve; or when the tooth requires drilling to alter its size or shape.

To begin, our dentist will choose a bonding shade that closely matches your natural tooth colour. A conditioning liquid will then be applied to help the resin adhere before it’s positioned and shaped to complement your smile and accommodate your bite. A bright light will be used to harden it in place, and our dentist will then polish and smooth the area(s) to create a finish that looks and feels natural and comfortable.

How should bonded teeth be cared for?

You should care for your bonded teeth the same way you care for your natural teeth – by brushing twice and flossing once daily, and undergoing regular cleanings and examinations in our office. It’s also important to avoid habits that can damage your teeth, such as biting your fingernails, opening bags or containers with your teeth, and chewing on ice. Bonded teeth are also susceptible to staining, so do your best to limit your consumption of staining foods and drinks.

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Restore Your Smile with Dental Bonding in Vernon

Tooth bonding is an effective way to restore a natural and healthy looking smile, protecting your teeth from further damage. Dr Elwood Astleford, Inc. offers teeth bonding in Vernon designed to enhance and beautify your smile. To learn more about tooth bonding schedule your appointment today by calling our team at 236-599-0584.