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  • Update the size, length, and colour of your teeth
  • Bolster your smile confidence
  • Protect damaged teeth
  • Fill unwanted space(s) between teeth
  • Address stubborn stains & discolourations on teeth.
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Dental Veneers From Your Dentist in Vernon

Are you dissatisfied with the look, shape, and shade of your smile, or are you considering braces for just one or two of your most prominent teeth? At Dr. Elwood Astleford Inc. in Vernon, we'd be happy to discuss how dental veneers may be part of your ideal smile solution. 

These very thin, uniquely tailored dental prosthetics are made from porcelain or ceramic materials, and are designed to cover your teeth, updating their colour, length, and shape.

What’s involved with the veneer process? 

Once you’ve shared your smile goals with our team during a consultation visit, we’ll examine your teeth to ensure that they’re healthy enough to receive veneer treatment. If you’re a viable candidate, we’ll explain the process of application, necessary after-care steps, and if you’re ready to move forward, we’ll schedule your first visit.

During your initial veneer appointment, we’ll take impressions of your mouth and teeth. During your second visit – approximately two to four weeks later – we’ll apply the veneers. Our dentist will check their colour, shape, and size before preparing your natural tooth for adhesion. A dental cement will be used to secure the veneer in place, and a special light will harden it. Our dentist will then clean the area and check your bite before making any finishing touches.

How long will dental veneers last?

With diligent care, they can look great for many years!

To keep them looking great, veneers should be flossed, brushed, and undergo regular examinations just as natural teeth do. They also shouldn’t be used for chewing fingernails or opening packaging.

Wondering if dental veneers are right for you? Call us today for an assessment and consultation.