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Oral Cancer Screening From Your Dentist in Vernon

Did you know that an estimated 5,400 cases of oral cancer are diagnosed in Canada each year, according to the Canadian Cancer Society? Oral cancer checks with Dr. Elwood Astleford Inc. in Vernon can help detect early indications of oral cancer, which may help prevent its progression.

It’s recommended that patients over the age of 40 are screened for oral cancer annually, and that those who are over 20 and smoke have screenings conducted every three years. Patients of any age who drink heavily, smoke, and/or have had an oral cancer diagnosis have a greater risk of developing oral cancer, and it’s recommended that they undergo exams more frequently.

What’s Involved With An Oral Cancer Screening?

While examining your mouth, our skilled expert(s) will look for:

  • Lumps that may or may not be painful when touched
  • Red patches and/or sores that bleed easily and aren’t healing
  • Hardened grey or white lesions that are slightly raised

Should we find one or more of these symptoms present, we may refer you to a specialist with the training necessary to diagnose and/or provide treatment. As experts in the oral cavity, we understand how it should look and feel, and are often the first medical professionals to spot signs of underlying or developing health issues in this area.

Remember: Early oral cancer detection and preventive action saves lives! If you have a sore in your mouth that hasn’t healed after approximately two weeks, contact us right away. We’ll examine it and let you know if you need to seek out further attention.